Monday, June 15, 2015

Wac Vegas trip for WAC basketball Championship

In March, we drove down to Las Vegas with Jill to visit Susan's family.  
One day we attended UVU's men basketball game.  Unfortunately, they lost their first game in the WAC championship, so we ended up only going to that game.

 Madelyn and Ethan loved having older cousins to play with them and push them on the swings.  I think Hailey, Christopher, and Carson loved having younger cousins there too.

 We ate a gigantic pizza for Pi Day!
 Another day, we took lunch and visited Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs.
 There are tons of birds, ducks, and peacocks walking around the park.  Also, we toured the old homes and farms on location.
Then we threw the football around and some of the kids/dads tried climbing the trees. 

 Todd was successful in jumping up and grabbing the tree.

Cove Fort

On our way home from Las Vegas, we stopped at Cove Fort. We ate lunch and took the tour.
 I enjoyed learning the story and the sacrifice Ira Hinckley's family made to settle the fort, as it was well worth the stop.

Easter 2015

Easter at the Fisher's included two egg hunts.  Madelyn did much better this year at looking for eggs herself.
 She and Ethan found several eggs with change in it.  Turns out they got $10 total!
 After the egg hunt at Grandma Fisher's house, Todd wanted to go see the old barn in the back of her yard.
 This is the barn where Todd remembers his one and only time he ever milked a cow.
 It was special to take the kids in and Todd told them all about how their Great Grandpa Fisher use to have cows live there.

 Special cousin time is one of our favorite things at Easter too!

Memorial Day Visits at the Grave sites

I am grateful to live close to family as well as where those we love are buried.  There is something special being able to visit the grave sites and reminisce of fond memories. I'ts hard to teach children about family member they haven't met, but at least on Memorial Day, you can help them learn about their ancestors. Here, Todd is at Ronald Fisher's grave site, who is his name sake. 

Then we visited Grandma Krause's grave, who is Madelyn's name sake. 

Kick off the Summer with Fun

Now that summer finally arrived we have had a great time...
 Swings, slides, splash in the pool,
 friends (Makayla) and picnics, 
 lots of playing time,
 torn out times,
 UVU baseball games as the season wrapped up, and 
 rides with daddy on the golf cart!

Birthday Boy, Todd

Another great "Party of the Year" for Todd. This year, Adam, Alyssa and family surprised him by showing up making the party even better.  Jill and Roger gave Todd an Alaskan T-shirt that they got from their cruise.

 After a yummy dinner of chicken enchiladas, we did water balloons and 3 point shooting contest.

Carrot cake for the birthday boy!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Golden Spike National Historic Park and the Spiral Jetty

 We spent Presidents' Day with Roger and Jill as we had a day trip together.  We drove out to see where the two railroads met, the Golden Spike Historic Park.  Afterwards, we then saw the Spiral Jetty, which is artwork made from volcanic rock laid out in a spiral design in the Great Salt Lake.

We hiked up to the lookout.

 Papa took Madelyn out to climb on the rocks.

 Maddie even got to ride in the car at Papa's house, one of her favorite things to do there.